Gómez Balbontín

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Everything exists

“The world has disappeared behind its own representation and it is therefore impossible to return to it.”

Jean Baudrillard.

Everything Exists contains a figurative dimension where chaos and the unknown peep out in unsuspected corners. Also in that chaos, in that same fragility of the determinable, in that rupture, new worlds and forms appear and conventional models break.

From this inflection point there is a hint of inseparability and mutual belonging regarding what is form and what is not, the manifest and the unmanifest, as if it were a spiral and a fractal that seeks to reflect the nature of what exists.

The body of Everything Exists is not limited by the figurative representation of reality because it does not only revolve around the recognizable, but also expresses its own dimension of the intangibility of what exists. Thus, true authenticity and the infinite nature of what is real are uncovered.

A language free of unequivocal meanings arises, one that does not try to replace the world, but intends to be part of its constitutive movements.

Everything Exists is an experimentation with the order out of chaos and the logic of accidents. It is an attempt, through image, to approach the unexplored.